The Impact of Nutrition Giving and Disease on the Growth of Underfive Children Rough Motoric at Kindergarten/Playgroup of Puskesmas Kenali Besar Jambi City 2014

  • Junita Junita Poltekkes Kemenkes Jambi
Keywords: Nutrition, illness, rough motoric


Background: One of the public health quality can be measured by the infant mortality rate, consists of BBLR 29%, respiratory disorder 27%, and malnutrition 10%. Under five Children are in the particular group of age that is being the target of Health Depart-ment’s KIA program. This group of children has a very rapid growth of body and brain in it’s achievement of function optimization. From the data of under five children health service in Health Department, for three year ago (2011, 2012, 2013) from 20 puskesmas with comparison, resulted the biggest number of children, 3233 underfive children, have the lowest number of DDTK in Puskesmas Kenali Besar.
Methode : The research applicates the quantitative method with cross sectional design in order to find the relationship between nutrition giving and disease on the growth of underfive children year’s rough motoric for kindergarten/playgroup in Puskesmas Kenali Besar of year 2014. The approach of research is performed with cross sectional and proportional sampling for 11 kindergarten/playgroup in Puskesmas Kenali Besar. Samples in this research are underfive children year with children’s mother as analysis unit, which amounts to 80, and performed by interview and observation. auxillary variable of children’s mother
Conclusion : The result showed that children under five year with poor nutrition will be at risk of getting abnormal growth for almost 3 times compared to children with proper nutrition. While toddlers with illness in one past month will be at risk of getting abnormal growth for 2 times compared to children with no illness in the one last month.