Dental Health Behavior Relationship With The Maintenance Of Permanent Molar Caries Student Age 6-12 Years SDN 26 Lamteumen East Banda Aceh City

  • Reca Reca Poltekkes Kemenkes Aceh
Keywords: Maintenance Dental Caries of Permanent Molar One


Background : The school year is an important period in the formation of behavior, lack of knowledge of children about caring for the teeth to make child neglect your teeth. One permanent molar eruption is the first tooth with a form of pit and fissure in making it easier for the rest of the food is attached to the surface. This study aims to determine the relationship of dental health maintenance behavior towards one permanent molar caries among students ages 6-12 Lamteumen SDN 26 East.
Methode ; This research is an analytic with cross sectional approach, with simple random sampling technique. The subject of research conducted on students ages 6-12 in SDN 26 Lamteumen East with a population of 150 students and the sample size of 60 students. Research results from the test are statistically using SPSS with chi square test. The results showed that there was no correlation between knowledge (p = 0.058), there was no relationship attitude (p = 0.097), and there is a relationship of action (p = 0.001) with one permanent molar caries.
Conclusion : It can be concluded that there is no correlation between knowledge and attitude towards one permanent molar caries, and there is a relationship of action against one permanent molar caries. Need to do outreach and dissemination to the school and parents about the importance of maintaining oral health from an early age.