Maternal care relationship with the duration of labor Kala II in Maternity Room Raden Mattaher Hospital Jambi Year 2016

  • Rosmaria Br Manik Poltekkes Kemenkes Jambi
Keywords: Care Loving Mother, the length of the second stage of childbirth


Background: Upbringing dear mother during childbirth include the care given to moth-ers who started the first stage up to stage IV. Implementation of fundamental care dear mother or a principle dear mother in care delivery in the delivery process includes providing emotional support, setting a comfortable position, fluids and nutrition, flexibility for micturition and defecation, as well as the prevention of infection. Mothers who gain emotional support during childbirth will have a shorter times, fewer medical interventions, such as Caesarean section delivery and better results.
Methode: This research is an observational analytic research using cross sectional approach is to look at the relationship with the length of the Children Loving Mother II stage of labor in maternity room hospitals Raden Mattaher Jambi in 2016 to conduct observations and measurements without intervening. The data were analyzed using univariate whose aim was to obtain the frequency distribution of each of the variables studied and bivariate analysis that aims to find the relationship between independent variables and the dependent using chi-square test.
Result : Based on the research results that spot care services Loving Mother of the Children Loving Mother in Hospital Raden Mattaher In 2016 as many as 26 (65%) received care Loving Mother is well, and 14 (35%) who did not get well Loving Mother Care. Based on the result the length of the second stage of labor in Hospital Delivery Room Raden Mattaher Jambi, it was shown that as many as 25 (62%) were long the delivery of more than 30 minutes, and 15 (38%) long second stage of labor is less than 30 minutes. There is a relationship between the Children dear old Mom with the second stage of labor in the. Maternity rooms Hospital Raden Mattaher Jambi in 2016.