The effect of young pineapple fruit extract and ripepineapple on the incidence of abortionin mice

  • Ratna Dewi Poltekkes Kemenkes Aceh
Keywords: Genesis abortion, Pineapple Fruit Extract, Musmusculus


Background: During pregnancy it will be accompanied by culture and opinion - a particular opinion, including the community of Aceh. Culture can be tangible like some restrictions, the causal relationship between the food and the healthy condition of the sick, nor ignorance habits. One opinion in the community, about the gestation period that is often discussed is a taboo against eating pineapple because it can interfere with pregnancy is abortion / miscarriage in pregnancy muda. problems Are consume young pineapple and ripe pineapple can cause abortion in pregnancy.Objective To determine the type of pineapple which can cause abortion. Benefits Penelitian Dari results of this study are expected to provide feedback to the community, that kind of pineapple where yangbisa consumed during pregnancy and are not at risk of abortion.
Methode;Research design with exsperimenta. This method is done by providing a pineapple extract dose is set in female mice that pregnance.Statitical test we used the T test Independent where there is a difference between giving young pineapple extract and ripe pineapple on the incidence of abortion, with p = 0.014, expected developed a qualitative study that explored on social and cultural factors that influence public confidence in eating habits and pineapple in pregnancy.