• Kristy Mellya Putri Jambi


The results of the monitoring of the nutritional Status (PSG) in Indonesia Health Profile year 2016, the percentage of newborn babies who got the IMD in 2016 of 51.9% consisting of 42.7% of getting IMD in < 1 hour after birth, and 9.2% in one hour or more.The percentage of infants 0-5 months still got Breast Milk exclusively 54.0%, amounting to babies who have earned the exclusive Breast Milk until the age of six months are of 29.5%.This research is a descriptive cross sectional approach, to find out the knowledge, the attitude and the support of the family against the granting of colostrum in Jambi City Sik Asik RSIA in childbirth care space amounts to 3106 people with 42 samples of people with use the filling the questionnaire technique accidental sampling.The results showed as much as much as 17 (40.5%) respondents giving the colostrum and positive, 16 (38.1%) of respondents knowledge either, as many as 22 (52.4%) of the respondents got good family support.Analysis of test data using the Chi-SquareTests p_value = 0.000 (p < 0.05) there is a meaningful relationship between knowledge, attitude with OR 34.22 (6,037-193,989) and family support OR 4.4 (2,036-2,036).


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