• Sukarsih Sukarsih Poltekkes Kemenkes Jambi
  • Saharudin Saharudin Poltekkes Kemenkes Jambi
  • Suratno Suratno Poltekkes Kemenkes Jambi
Keywords: Development, Module, Cross Infection Control


The research objectives of this Development to create Learning modules of cross infection control
for the second semester students in dental nursing Academy Poltekkes Jambi, products that developed
modules contain components based on the study of educational technology in the form of cross-infection
control learning module.
The development of cross-infection control module uses the development module of Dick and
Carey. The validation toword module which developed by mannen/with; (1) validation of subject content
expert and validation of instructional design expert; (2) Trial to small group; and (3) Field evaluation. The
subject of the Try-aur of the research; Consist of nine students for trial to small group and eightteen
students for praktical-field test. In this research the data were collected by using questionnaires.
The validation result of the expert show up excellent category. The Result of trial to small group
and field evaluation, can be cooncludde that the three hundred forty two answers obtained, one hundred
forty four respondent answers A (very good) then the module is declared; very valid; our very effective can
be used without repairing and the one hundred ninety eight responden answers B (good) then the module
is declared; quite validity; our effective enough, to be used but need minor repairing, that is watching from
complety aspect, the aspect module component, content exactly aspect, the clear language be used and
exciting module. Moduls are presented can be used by students already meets the principles
of preparationmodule according to characteristics such as self-instructional, self contained, stand
alone, adaptive, user friendly.
Form the averall validation results of this study can be concluded that the module of crossinfection control that developed a very visible, then the proposed suggestion in order that the module can
be used by teachers and the students in Dental Nursing Academy Poltekkes Jambi.


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