Forthcoming issues

The Effect of Basil Leaf Extract (Ocimum Sanctum) and Lime Water (Citrus Aurantifolia S.) For Tooth Surface Whitening
Retno Dwi Sari, Junaidi

The Developmental of An Educational Model for Preventing Anaemia in Pregnant Women
Gusti Lestari Handayani, Solha Elrifda, Vina Febriyola, Hadiyah Chairanny Amka

Effectiveness of Health Promotion E-Module to Improve Clean and Healthy Behaviour in School-Age Children
Pahrur Razi, Surayah, Asta Tamaria Br. Surbakti

Market Waste Management Towards a Healthy Market
Sukmal Fahri, Krisdyanta, Mbulan Dewi Kartika

The Effectiveness of Duku Kumpeh Skin Extract Aromatherapy Candles to Repel Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Mosquitoes
Emilia Chandra, Zunidra, Nadia Saumi

Analysis Implementation of Health Protocols in Controlling of Covid-19 to Children in Jambi City
Jessy Novita Sari, Gustomo Yamistada

The Influence of Giving Green Bean Extract and Bean Extract Soybean on Increasing Haemoglobin Levels in Trimester III Pregnant Women

Family Support and Motivation Relationship with Care for Children with Mental Disable
Nofrida Saswati, Isti Harkomah, Habibah

The Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Blood Pressure and Anxiety of Hypertension Patients
Abbasiah, Ernawati, Reni Novianti

The Relationship of Caries Risk Factor and Caries Experience Index
Aida Silfia, Sukarsih, Muliadi

The Effect of Balanced Nutrition Educational Game Methods on The Behaviour of Consuming Healthy Food in Student of The State Elementary School
Rosmaria, Windatriana, Nuraziza

The Effect of Closed Kinetic Chain Exercise on Pain Scale and Range of Joint Movement in Elderly with Osteoarthritis in Work Area Puskesmas Simpang IV Sipin
Vivianti Dewi, Dewi Masyitah, Irmawati

The Effect of Health Promotion - Dalihan Na Tolu in The Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at Risk Groups of The Mandailing Tribe in Padangsidimpuan City
Soep, Albiner Siagian, Fazidah A. Sirega, Erna Mutiara